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Our Know-How

Years of experience of our employees and the use of state-of-the-art technologies enable us to react quickly to customer requests. 


Since more than 45 years and with 100 employees Busch + Kunz produces welded fittings in our 2 manufacturing sites in Burbach, Germany and Torgelow, Germany. Most of our staff are with Busch + Kunz since many years and decades. That level of loyalty paired with grown experience over time is one of our core competencies. Our focus to invest in employee development and training is not only a means to fosten the loyalty of our employees towards Busch + Kunz but also a cornerstone of our strategy to manufacture our products for our customers at highest standards of precision and quality.


With a comprehensive range of machinery from the sawmill including automatic cut-off machines, to forming technology and end processing, we are at the cutting edge of technology. At Busch + Kunz we have more than 20 years of experience in hydroforming (cold forming) for almost all dimensions of our T-piece range for both stainless and carbon steel. Continuous investments in new processes and technologies is in line with our aspiration to be a pioneer in the technology and production of welded fittings.


The internal production flow impresses with a lean manufacturing process from start to finish. The pipes are trimmed directly next to the pipe store. State-of-the-art industrial forklifts ensure safe handling of the parts. In the case of smaller dimensions, bulk equipment is used in the individual departments for further transport of the big batch sizes. At important points, smaller buffer zones ensure efficient and continuous production. The packaging of certain dimensions takes place during the final processing and inspection of the products. Here, too, the lean manufacturing process gets evident and shows a fast throughput to dispatch. Our quality assurance is integrated into the production and material flow in order to control quality not only for the end product, but to guarantee quality in every manufacturing process step.

Hot Forging

Depending on the thickness of the material and the reduction ratio, we apply the classic hot forming method. In this type of forming, the tube parts are pre-annealed and then formed in a die pressing process. In the case of greatly reduced components, several forming steps can follow one another. This process requires an enormous amount of experience and craftsmanship which our team of experts proves time and again on site. The advantages of hot forming of thick-walled products are the low forming forces that are necessary as well as the high formability.


In cold forming, Busch + Kunz sets standards in technology and automation. For more than 20 years now we apply the internal high pressure forming process/hydroforming (IHU) successfully. In the IHU process, tubes are expanded and formed from the inside using a liquid active medium in a closed forming tool. With a machine park of several IHU presses, T-pieces are manufactured with repeat accuracy and consistently high quality. Axial forces of up to 2,000 tons and clamping forces of up to 3,500 tons are available to ensure precise forming of the parts.  


We invested at an early stage in the area of automation in order to guarantee our aspiration for consistent quality with an equally effective production process. In addition, we focus on continuous production and the conservation of our resources. At Busch + Kunz, automation extends through the entire production process, from cutting the pipes, applying lubricant, forming the parts and finally machining the ends to the finished part.  Automated production underlines the innovative strength of Busch + Kunz. It goes without saying that we are certified with our quality management system as well as our production process.

Warehouse & Logistics

A high bay warehouse at our Burbach site with more than 3,000 lattice box storage spaces and a total capacity of over 1,500 tons of finished products are the prerequisite for smooth delivery capacity. Our EDP controlled warehousing ensures a reliable and fast "just-in-time" execution of our customer orders. The organization and reliability required for this are a central building block for the satisfaction of our customers.