Fittings Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel

Fittings made of welded and seamless tubes.

Fittings made of welded and seamless tubes.

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Our expertise at a glance

Busch + Kunz

Quality has a name

Busch + Kunz has been one of the leading welded fitting manufacturers in Europe since 1974.  We are known as an innovative, experienced and reliable manufacturer of steel and stainless welded fittings. Our modern manufacturing plant, decades of experience and our strong focus on delivering high quality has made us become one of the leading suppliers of welded fittings in Europe. From development to tool making and production to on-time delivery, we guarantee care and precision. Beyond standard fittings we also offer special dimensions and various alloy steels.


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At Busch + Kunz "Made in Germany" is not just a label but a cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. We collaborate trustfully with our European suppliers and manufacture exclusively in Germany. With the expansion of our production capacities we have clearly decided for a facility in Germany which led to the opening of our facility in Torgelow. The close connection to region and skilled personnel locally is key for us to deliver on quality and reliability for our customers.


We have long-lasting relationships with our customers, some of which go back many decades. Beyond pride of this strong connection it is as well our key motivation to prove our reliability and flexibility to our customers in delivering quality and delivery capacity day in day out also in case of special customer requests.


Busch + Kunz has been a family-run company for more than 25 years now and will continue to be so in the future since a partner joined the management board. Long-term planning and investment are decisive which is reflected not least in our continuous growth. Our experienced employees have been associated with the company and our customers for many years. This is achieved with a corporate culture of direct communication and short distances within the company as well as an openness towards change and innovation of new processes and technologies. We are and will remain a reliable partner for our customers.