Our promise to you
geprüfte qualitaet bei fittings von busch und kunz

Quality has a name

Busch + Kunz

At Busch + Kunz we understand quality not as a condition but as a continuous process to achieve and maintain this condition. We combine decades of experience with our openness to new technologies and processes in order to prove our aspiration and that of our customers every day. At Busch + Kunz continuous further training of our employees and the responsibility of each and every one of them are the basis for living quality as a process.

Quality Assurance

In order to monitor quality at every step of the manufacturing process, quality-monitoring functions are interposed at all steps. This requires a high degree of quality awareness on the part of the employees. Trained QA employees constantly accompany the production and monitor the quality standards of Busch + Kunz. Quality assurance is therefore an integral part of every process step in our production in order to guarantee quality throughout the entire production flow.

Test Procedures

The individual parts are thoroughly tested in various test types before they finally leave production and are dispatched. We apply various metrological and optical testing methods ourselves with specially trained personnel, such as magnetic particle testing (MT), X-ray fluorescence analysis and dye penetrant testing (PT). For years we have successfully cooperated with an independent external laboratory, which is specially accredited for this purpose, for further metallurgical examinations such as microscopic fine cuts as well as  notched bar impact tests. In this way, we also guarantee objectivity and depth of testing in product testing.